Need help in moving the entire diagram in MS Word

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Hello all,

I have downloaded a Microsoft Word template for timeline diagram.

I wanted to copy it and duplicate it in the same document, but in a different page. As it is comprised of a large rectangle with arrows & text boxes along the spine. When I am trying to copy the entire timeline as a unit, the rectangle and arrow as are getting copied but the text boxes are not.

Why it is happening like this? Am I missing something or doing anything wrong? Please help me in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Need help in moving the entire diagram in MS Word


Hello Brian,

The process on resolving this may take a while at first. However, this can save you a lot of time when you have done it successfully. Please follow the instructions below:

1. First is to hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the entire individual elements from the diagram that you wish to gather. Hover your mouse and then click on the element when you see the plus (+) sign.

2. When done selecting the entire elements, release your finger from the Ctrl key and then hover to the text boxes until your mouse cursor becomes a 4-handed arrowed cross.

3. Right-click and go to Grouping and then select the Group option.

The entire elements that you selected will gather together and create a single object. Example, one diagram will be treated as a single element which you can now move, rotate or format.

Hope this helps.


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