How to send Fax from MS word 2003 in MS Windows Vista?

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Hi there,

I have got installed MS windows vista on my PC and I am having an issue with it while trying to send the fax.

The issue is, I have made a MS word 2003 file (commanding) go FILE > SENDTO > FAX, and it follows the wizard but at least when the wizard ends, the FAX has not been started to send.

Mean, whenever I start the FAX sending wizard from a word in Window Vista, the wizard starts and then ends without sending the Fax. I am very disturbed due to this issue and have tried almost everything (which I know) but no use.

To fix this issue, I have tried re-configuring my fax and telephone setting but the problem is still alive. I also have also tried a web based function for uploading files to Fax, but it also didn’t work.

It is clarified that I am using MS windows vista business not Vista for home. Whereas, such problem normally occurs in the home vista but here it’s not the cause of an issue, which I am facing. Now, I have given up hope about this issue to be solved by myself, and I want someone to kindly help me.

My question is How to send a Fax from MS word 2003 in MS Windows Vista?

Any idea or clue.

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How to send Fax from MS word 2003 in MS Windows Vista?


Let me suggest you an easy alternative: it's Internet fax service. It allows you to send and receive faxes from a web interface or email. Or, if you want to send faxes directly from MS Word, you can't download a free app and send faxes via an Internet fax provider.

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How to send Fax from MS word 2003 in MS Windows Vista?


Dear Stuartyle,

To determine whether the fax service is installed you can see it in Start > Printer &Faxes. If there is already drawing a fax device, then the fax service can be used, if not, you can try the following:

To enable a fax device

To enable a fax device, can be done in the following ways:

  • Insert the CD in accordance with the master of Windows installed on your computer.
  • Open the Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  • Click the Add / Remove Windows Components.
  • Fill a check in the Fax Service then click next.
  • If completed, you can click the Finish button.

To send a fax:

  • Open Microsoft Word and documents to be faxed.
  • Click File > Print.
  • For the type of printer, you can choose Fax.
  • Enter the destination fax number.
  • Your document has been sent to the fax destination.

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