TFT Monitor turns to be reddish after a blackout

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I am confused about what could be the problem with it? I first thought it was the VGA cable that was bad but I have tried using different VGA cables but it has not solved the problem. At first the monitor used to work properly but one time there was a power blackout and the monitor switched off abruptly but when the power came back I switched on the computer. Only to find the display colour of the TFT screen had changed to reddish. I tried adjusting the display colours using the TFT buttons provided but it didn’t solve the problem. What could be the problem? Someone with an idea?

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TFT Monitor turns to be reddish after a blackout


Hi! Good Day to you,

This is a Hardware Problem You only have Three Things That Could Be going Wrong



have you tried using other Monitor/LCD and connect your CPU to it? First find a monitor and connect your CPU and VGA Cables to that if other monitor/ LCD displays normally then there is a problem on your monitor/LCD


How old is the monitor? does it still have a warranty from the supplier? if your Monitor / LCD still has warranty I prefer you go to their Service Center and let them see the problem let them Find a Solution for your Monitor.


Have you Tried Resetting your Monitor/ LCD to its Default Preferences? if not do this and load the default factory settings of your Monitor/ LCD, or Using menu button which can be found on body of monitor, search degauss option and degauss the monitor.


Check your VGA Cables compatibility, you can ask the technical support of your monitor brand and ask them if it is ok using your New VGA Cable if you have the right VGA Cables Verify your Connections Make sure there is no Lost Cables


are you using on board Video graphics adapter or are you using a video card? is the monitor or LCD still on warranty? if you are using a video card This is usually a driver issue.Your display turns to reddish because of the power disturbance, Try reinstalling the Video Graphic Adapter:

Boot into safe mode:

  • Restart your computer.
  • When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. Tap the F8 on your Keyboard  repeatedly until you are presented with a menu.
  • A Black Screen Menu will Appear, Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys.
  • Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.

Right click on my computer
Go to device manager and uninstall your video card (display adapter). Be sure to note the type of video card you have.

Restart your Computer Start up normally, right-click on the screen and find properties adjust your resolution to something normal (800×600, 1024×768, etc)

If the Monitor's Color is Normal Google the type of the video card you have, download and install the latest drivers.

If the Problem still persists try Removing your Video Card, Clean the Gold parts of your Video Card with a Pencil Eraser, and make sure that you plug the Video Card Correctly.


Is there any other Heavy Electrical Device/ Machine Very Bear to your monitor? The Problem Might Occur Because of this Remove This Devices close to your monitor if not necessary.

I hope I can be of Help to Your Problem!
Good Luck and have a nice day!

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TFT Monitor turns to be reddish after a blackout


It seems that there is a problem inside the monitor. It means some circuit components have burned.

Disconnect the VGA cable from your PC and turn on the monitor. Check whether it shows the reddish layer. If it shows then there is a problem in the main circuit board of the monitor. If it didn’t then there is a problem in the VGA cable connecting circuit. You have to fix them by a technician.

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