USB 3.0 docking station/ port replicator

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I am planning to purchase an ultra book but I have some connectivity issues. I searched on the Internet but I could not find an answer to my query.

I need to connect two monitors:

First Monitor: 27" 2560×1400

Second Monitor: 24" 1920×1200

Also, the output sound should be better. I will add a 5.1 USB Sound Card. Please provide steps on how I can set up my monitors. Thanks.

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USB 3.0 docking station/ port replicator


Hi Carl,

As how I understand your problem you need to: 1. Connect your monitor to two monitors. 2. Have a 5.1 audio output.

For the first problem, you can 1. Use Graphics eXpansion Modules by Matrox. It's a external adapter that lets you add more monitors to your computer. It uses your existing GPU so you wouldn't need an extra video card. It supports VGA and DVI so it's compatible with all monitors. 

Alternatively, you can use one use video adapter, and here is the link. It's fairly straight forward to use.

For the second question, you can just connect your laptop to a sound system if your laptop has a 5.1 audio card. If not use of of these external audio card

Good luck

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