Monitor turns off after 1-5 minutes after showing desktop.

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I bought a new Prolink PRO2401TW 24". My operating system I am using is Windows 7. I don’t have any problems with this monitor and computer. Recently 2 days ago and today, after booting and try play sound and movie the screen will turn off. I can still hear the sound though! What could be causing this problem? Is there any problem with my monitor or with my video card? Can you show me how to solve this permanently? Thank you very much

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Monitor turns off after 1-5 minutes after showing desktop.

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There are few steps that you can try yourself, before seeking for technical assistance.
  1. First verify the proper connection of the power cable & ROM and check if the problem is solved.
  2. If no, scan the system for viral attacks since it can also cause this issue.
  3. Also try resetting BIOS settings to default.
  4. Try connecting another monitor if available. If the issue persists, there can be a problem in power, system board or display.
  5. If the other monitor did not have the issue, there may be a problem with the capacitors. So, try adjusting the brightness to the minimum level possible. If this also brings no result, check if the capacitors are having bulging tops instead of being flat where you would have to go for a replacement.
  6. Further you can try replacing the inverter of the monitor.

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