LED, HD and Full HD, what are these?

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What is LED technology, and what are HD and Full HD. Can we use the web browser on Smart LED TV? What is pixels quality and how can we find pixels quality? How many ports are available in LED TV? Which is the best quality in LED technology? How can we check?

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LED, HD and Full HD, what are these?


1. LED Technology: Light-emitting diode (LED) is a solid state semiconductor device, that convert electric energy directly into light of a single color. Because they employ “cold” light generation technology, in which most of the energy is delivered in the visible spectrum, LEDs don't waste energy in the form of non-light producing heat.

2. HD Technology: HDTV and standard definition television (SDTV) are the two categories of display formats for digital television (DTV) transmissions, which are becoming the standard. HDTV provides a higher quality display with a vertical resolution display from 720p to 1080i.

3. Full HD Technology: Full HDTV, also referred to as ultra-HD, true HDTV, and 1080p, is a television (TV) display technology that surpasses the video quality and sharpness of the original high-definition television (HDTV) technology, providing an image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

4. With the use of latest version of smart TV we can browse internet.

5. Pixel Quality: The quality of pixels can be described in terms of geometrical accuracy, color accuracy, dynamic range, noise, and artifacts. The quality of a pixel value depends on the number of photodetectors that were used to determine it, the quality of the lens and sensor combination, the size of the photodiode, the quality of the camera components, the level of sophistication of the in-camera imaging processing software, the image file format used to store it, etc.

6. Determine pixel resolution: To determine a monitor's ppi, set the browser's zoom at 100%, then measure the width and height, in inches, of the square as displayed on a given monitor. Dividing 200 by the measured width or height gives the monitor's horizontal or vertical ppi, respectively, at the current screen resolution.

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