My IPhone have some critical problem?

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This question is about  iPhone. I have an iPhone and I always recharge the iPhone with my computer through the USB cable which is provided with the set.

In first week or in first month I haven’t faced any type of problem but after few months the main problem is start occurring when I plugged the iPhone with the Pc through the cable then it automatically sync it with the setting of iTunes and new pops up windows will appear that the windows scanner and camera wizard will start and iPhone not ready to start.

I try my best to solve the problem but I failed and nothing has worked.

This is very annoying situation for me, Please tell me if you have any suggestion to get rid of this type of situation..




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My IPhone have some critical problem?


This is pretty annoying especially if you need to use your iPhone for some work or even just entertainment. The simple thing to do is to first establish whether the your electricity outlet is working. Try to plug in the charge pressing home and power button unit it starts. If this does not help then clean and use your own air to blow gently both the wire ends. Clean the iPhone charger socket by blowing.

Do the same to the computer USB slots. Then try to connect it to your computer. If by now it is not working then try connecting it to another computer. If  this still doesn't work then test both your charger and the USB on another iPhone. At this point you may now think of purchasing another charger or USB before replacing your battery. If it doesn't work with the new charger and USB then it is time to change the battery or better still buy a new iPhone.

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My IPhone have some critical problem?


Hi Jimmy,

Have you already disabled the auto-sync from your iTunes?  This is usually the reason why your IPhone syncs automatically to your iTunes.

If not, then here is how:

Open iTunes.
Click Edit.
Select Preferences, down at the bottom.
You will get a pop-up window. You will see General, Playback, Sharing, Store, Parental, Devices, and Advanced.  Click on Devices.
You will see three boxes, some might be checked.  Now, to stop automatic syncing, make sure that the option "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically" is unchecked.  After that, just click OK.

There is also another option to automatically sync your iPhone music, movies, apps, etc. to iTunes.  We need to disable this too.

If you have connected your iPhone to your computer, and you have you iTunes running. Click the name of your device.

You will see Summary, Info,  Apps, Music…

On Summary, look for Options >> Under options, make sure that there is no check mark for "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected".  Put a check mark on Manually manage… (if you have that option.)

Close and reopen your iTunes..


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