Overclocking My Pentium 4. My CPU runs around 48-55C

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Thanks in advance for anyone answering.

Well I was hoping someone can tell me what is the safe temperature for over clocking a Pentium 4 1.8GHZ since I have an Old one at home which I want to over clock.

Also I have read posts which say that to over clock it you just need to mess with the FSB, so is this true or should I change something else as well.

My CPU runs around 48-55C these days, and I have to tell you I do have the option to lock agp and pci speed if that is of any help.

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Overclocking My Pentium 4. My CPU runs around 48-55C


Hello Steve Nick

The first thing I want to mention is  that a range of temperature you mentioned ( 48 to 55 C) is not harmful for your CPU.

It is a moderate range.

Your system may be designed to work at most 89 to 95 degree Centigrade.

However no one wants to run the PC under that temperature because that is the maximum point.

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Overclocking My Pentium 4. My CPU runs around 48-55C


Overclocking a CPU is not advisable. Although it will increase the overall speed of the computer, it will also decrease the lifespan of the CPU and all of the devices attached to it like the memory, video card, sound card, processor and others.

It will also void the warranty of the computer or equipment.

Overclocking may also cause your processor to create more heat than it should under normal conditions. Both Intel and AMD processors have maximum temperatures of around 80 degrees centigrade. If your CPU tends to reach this hot, your system might become unstable and you’ll surely have some serious problems.

If you want to know more information about overclocking the CPU, some tricks on AMD processors, or some great cooling effects for the CPU, you might want to check the Overclockers Club.

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