PC wont boot. RAM chip installed while the PC was booting up

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There is a problem in my PC which is partly my fault but I hope someone can guide me on how to correct it.

The problem is that my PC won’t boot because I installed a RAM chip while the PC was booting up. It turns on but wont boot I tried to make sure everything was fine and restore it but my CD drive won’t work either which means I can’t use the factory restore disk.

Does this mean I destroyed my motherboard or something or is there a problem with the RAM? Any help would be deeply appreciated

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PC wont boot. RAM chip installed while the PC was booting up


Good Day!

Is your computer still having warranty? Is there a RAM already installed on your system before you installed the new one. Actually I have encountered this problem before but I did not install the RAM while the computer was still turned on.Here are some solutions that can help you.

If your system already have a RAM installed on it the new RAM might not be compatible. Check the type of RAM already installed on your motherboard, and check the type of your recently installed RAM, if they are different they will probably not run. For example,your first RAM is PC-133, then you installed PC-2700 this will not enable your PC to boot, always use same type of RAMs.

To test if everything is still all right, turn off the computer, remove the new installed RAM and use the old RAM installed on the motherboard only, if it is still not booting remove the RAM and place it on the other memory slot.

Note: Always turn off your computer before removing this hardware on your motherboard.

The Video Card might also cause this, first turn off your computer  remove and clean the gold plating of he video card with a pencil eraser, remove it and install it again. you can also do this on the RAMs.I hope this will help you on your problem.


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PC wont boot. RAM chip installed while the PC was booting up



It is ok, don't worry! your motherboard is not destroyed.

First things first. When you are installing hard components to your computer you should turn it off. If you have bought a new RAM and when you install it you should know how to insert it properly. And the RAMs must be "COMPATIBLE" to your computer or same to the one that you are already using.

You can see it in the manual of your CPU. 

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PC wont boot. RAM chip installed while the PC was booting up


That’s the most incorrect thing to do when installing hardware on your computer. As much as possible, whenever you add something to the motherboard like memory module or expansion card such as network card or sound card, the CPU should not be running and not connected to the power. Removing something from the motherboard while it is running can damage both the device and the motherboard.

If your computer no longer boots after doing that, with the CPU turned off, disconnect all memory modules from the memory slots then start the CPU. You should hear series of beeps after this. If you don’t hear a thing, that’s probably a sign that your motherboard is dead. There’s no workaround on this but to replace the motherboard with a new one.

But if you hear series of long beeps, it’s probably a sign that your motherboard is still good. Now, try putting only one memory module on any slot. Again, make sure the CPU is turned off before connecting any hardware or device to the motherboard. After this, start the CPU and see if the BIOS recognize the memory card and boots.

If this is successful, connect the other memory modules into the slot one at a time. This will allow you to check which memory card is broken.

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