My Computer restarts when i start any 3d game

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My Computer suddenly restarts when I try to play some games. It Works fine when I am working with anything else but when I try to start the games like Call of duty 4 or some other games like this, it shows some black screen and then restarts. Is there any solution to solve this matter?

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My Computer restarts when i start any 3d game


It’s somewhat hard to identify a specific cause for an issue such as this. This kind of issues generally connect to display driver problems, and you ought to make sure that you have got updated display drivers put in. When the issue just pertains to certain video game titles, as opposed to all 3D game , it's also advisable to install any kind of available updates for those certain video games.

Installing and re-installing DirectX can also be one thing truly worth trying. Often, each time a system turns into a little bit ‘scrambled’ from your wear and tear regarding 3D video gaming really the only option is the format as well as refreshing install.

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My Computer restarts when i start any 3d game


Try This:

  1. Press the start menu and click, Run
  2. In the dialog box type dxdiag
  3. The direct X diagnostic tool should pop up.
  4. Click on the display Tab.
  5. Where it says Direct X features, enable everything.

I though my computer got a virus because i couldn't play a game for over a year ! Then some one looked at my computer and did the steps above and i could play the games.

  • Also make sure your video card driver updated.
  • If all else fails re-install the game if your re-install the game and it still happens it is your PC.
  • If it happens to the same game may be your VGA Card dosen't support to this game so check the Game requirments.

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