How to improve graphics for video games?

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I used my computer for playing games.

But I want to improve the graphics that I can use for video games that requires higher components.

How can I do that?

What are the system requirements in order to run video games with good graphics?

And please include some explanations on your answers and how does it affect the satisfaction?

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How to improve graphics for video games?


To play a game you need to meet its minimum system requirements. To check this follow my instructions

Open the Readme file for the game; it is in the game folder. Look up for system requirements. See what is the minimum video card specification you need to play the game. Usually is consists of video card build and video memory. To see all the information about your video card.

  1. Go to Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type dxdiag and enter.
  4. Click o the display tab

This will show all information about your video card. If the video card does not meet the minimum requirement of the game you will have great difficulty in playing the game.

Only option is to buy a new video card.

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How to improve graphics for video games?



I have some suggestion to improve the graphics and to play the latest game as you want using the computer as indicated in your problem. I hope it will help you to upgrade the graphics of the desire games you want to play. Regarding this you must know what kind of computer or specification you are using here to know it just click start then go for run type DXDIAG it will appear of what is the specification of your computer after that lets go for upgrading of graphics you want. Here some tips:

  • First step, know first if what kind of video card installed in your computer because their are two kinds of port  of videocard one is the AGP and PCI. because graphics of the games is depending in video card that installed in your pc and also you must consider the RAM of your pc, the speed of processor. I suggest that your ram must be 512mb to 1GB and your processor must be 2.4 – 3.0 ghtz. then lets proceed to 2nd step.
  • Second step, if you already know what kind of your videocard to install you must buy i think 512mb of video card is good for gaming and higher is much better but it cost more or extremely expensive but it will improve the graphics of the games you want. Then be careful to uninstalling  the old one and i advice to get some help from technician for the support if you dont know. Just remember if you want a good and high graphics of games it always depends on your video card. I hope this will help you to answer your question.
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How to improve graphics for video games?


Hello Aubrey,

The system requirements for a computer that is used for gaming are as follows:

  • RAM size of more 4 GB to increase the CPU speed.
  • A hard disk space of not less than 320 GB to enable you store various files for the installed games.
  • Processor speed of above 2GHZ per second.

To improve the graphics of your computer, just go to the device manager and look for the Video Graphics Adapter, right click on it and choose the option for updating the driver online. The system will look for the latest version of drivers and install them on your computer.


Lee Hung

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