Problem with my ATI PCI card

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Yo dudes.

I am a newbie here. I have purchased ATI 4830 1year ago. Recently I am getting some unexpected error. A few weeks ago I started to play COD Multiplayer. I am playing it 8-10 hours per day. After playing its 2-3 hours continuously my PC hangs and I have no other option without Restart.

After a few times I opened my CPU and I see that the PCI cards are not running, the fan of it is off and only a bulb is lit. After one hour it works again without no problem.

What is the problem and what can I do if this problem occurs again?

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Problem with my ATI PCI card


Hey Team,

If your cards bulb is lit after a few hours of playing games then it is not a problem to worry about. Because it is only for safety purpose. I will explain it now. When you play a game your card has to process and render it. So, it consumes a great power.

After using it releases this power as heat.

That’s the source of the heat in PCI card. Now if the heat cross it safety level then it will burn your Card for eternity. To prevent this ATI has taken some steps. The bulb is one of it. When the heat crosses the limit the bulbs lit in different formation.

If the RED bulb of your Card lit that means it has over heat and shut down for that. If the other bulbs lit then it has a different purpose. But these bulbs only lit when there is some error.

So no need to worry about.

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