Any program is not running on my xp, what should I do?

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I have been using my current operating system for the last one year. I didn’t get any major problem in it. But last night I got a weird problem that any of the programs of my PC was not running. I have a habit of keeping the shortcut icon of all programs on my desktop. All icons were present on the desktop, but nothing was happening when I double clicked on them.

It’s a really weird problem. I don’t know what I should do now as I don’t have much knowledge on computer trouble shooting. In spite of lacking in computer knowledge, I tried to restore my PC to an earlier date, but I got no result.

Can anybody help?

Any help will greatly appreciate.

Thank you.

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Any program is not running on my xp, what should I do?


Did you tried out the properties of the shortcut. Well just right click on the shortcut and select the Properties in the menu that appears. Then you get a properties dialog box of the shortcut. There you see a label Target with the text box. From the windows explorer directory try to find the path of it, the exe file. Then try to double click that exe file from the Windows Explorer. If the program runs then you have to do is replace the shortcut from a new one. To do this just right clicks on the shortcut and select Send to and select Desktop (shortcut) from the menu that appears. If the exe also does not work, Buddy you got a serious problem.

This is all happens because of a Malware infection on your system. Try to catch it by scanning the whole system using an Antivirus program. But don't worry there are lot of tools to do this. You can download the software from There will be category Win XP Fixes. Click it and you got a list. From there select File Association fixes. Then from the list appear, click EXE File Association Fix. Then carry the procedure as it gives.

Before dealing with the registry, try to make sure the file extension EXE is associated with the file type Application. To do this, open the File Types tab from the folder options dialog box in tools menu of windows explorer. Find the EXE Extension from the list. If you are unable to find it, click New button type EXE for extension and select Advanced button. From the list you can pick Application. If you are able to find EXE extension, edit it by changing association to Application.

Then you have to configure the LNK association. Normally LNK association created when you fix the EXE association. But if not, from the File Types tab find for LNK extension (it should not be there).

As above, make a new association and name it as LNK and in the association box select Shortcut. Restart and see if your problem solved. And also there will be a Restore button shown up in the file types tab, to you to click only if there a problem in your system.

If this did not work, then you have to play with the registry.

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Any program is not running on my xp, what should I do?


OS need to know where the relevant file is located and what should it do when open. So file extensions, is the technique to tell the OS what type of file is it and what application it should use, to do something when it opens up. The 3-4 letter word after the file name. So that’s what you called extension.

For example exe extension states it is a executable application. doc extension states that it is a word processing document. So when you try to open it, it opens up with the relevant word processing application Ms Word, Word Pad etc. File associations stored in the windows registry in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive. This registry key shows the:

  1. Relevant program that can open the associated files
  2. Full path to the location of the relevant program
  3. Actions that it performed
  4. Default action. – This is important to you I think because this tells what happens when you double click on it.
  5. Other programs that can open the file
  6. Other actions it can perform

Each and every program you open has an executable file associated with it. exe executable files are opened with the window application launcher. If a file association listed in the windows registry is incorrect, then the applications using that file extension will no longer able to run as before. So play with the windows registry with an expert and try to fix this.

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Any program is not running on my xp, what should I do?


Hi Devol,

Dear it is a virus attack on your system.
Kindly first scan your computer for viruses with latest and updated antivirus. You should use "Panda Antivirus 2013 Pro" it provides a large definition to fight against the virus.
After install this software you have to restart your computer, and then scan all of your hard drives.
It will take a very low time. After this your computer will be very light in speed.
No burden of virus will remain. It is only the virus problem which you are facing.

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