MSDOS No Recovery Protocol Error

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As I was doing some code bashing and opening files is MS DOS this error message appeared. What seems to cause this error? If I close the program my file that I was working on will not be saved since this is MS DOS and there is no recovery protocol. What to do? Any advice to prevent this in the future?

16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem


The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.

CS:0546 IP:017fOP:65 2e 63 73 73 choose close to terminate the application

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MSDOS No Recovery Protocol Error


Hi JohnLMcManus,

First check what your Windows version is operating; is it 16 bit or 32 bit? You should always check your version when trying to install to your desktop. If your OS version is in 32 bit, you should run a 32 bit version of PDFXVwer application.

If not, then remove the old version of the application then download/install newer compatible version.

Hope this helps.

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