Installation of windows NT from Windows 3.1x and from Windows 9x

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How would you start installation of Windows NT from Windows 3.1x and from Windows 9x?

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Installation of windows NT from Windows 3.1x and from Windows 9x


You will have to format your hard disk first. Windows NT cannot be installed from Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

To format, use a bootable DOS disk and create a partition and after a reboot, format your drive.

  • To install Windows NT 4.0 Server insert the installation CD and type D:i386winnt/b for the installation process to begin (D being the drive you inserted your installation CD).
  • You will be required to have at hand the 3 installation floppy disks if you are using the floppy disks installation option. Insert Disk 1 and boot up the system. Windows will identify your system hardware requirements and then you will be called for Disk 2, Press ENTER.
  • The Welcome to Setup appears and then to install, Press ENTER.
  • To enable SCSI drives/devices, Press S next.
  • Insert Disk 3, you will then ‘Specify additional drivers’ by pressing S, then Press ENTER.
  • Agree to the License Agreements, make changes to the settings NT has if necessary, if they are OK Press ENTER.
  • There is an option to delete your partition and create one if you had not done so as I had directed on how format your hard drive above.
  • You can now proceed with installation procedure if you do not format at this stage (if you opt to use partition that you created earlier).

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