How to decompress the data of Win 95 disk drive?

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 I am having a technical issue which has not been solved yet. If anyone has knowledge about Win 95 Drive Space? Then the particular person probably can fix the issue. As much as I know about Win 95 Drive Space is that it was compression software which was available in Windows 95.

Well, the issue faced by me is that I have almost 50 back-up(old)  floppy disks of my father which all appear to be compressed with this software and the  problem is that I am not been able to open or look  them for the purpose of seeing, copying, moving or to save the files on the disk now. Whenever, I try to do so a particular message appears which am I need to run Drive Space via command line to decompress the files for viewing.

It’s my weak point that Win 95 predates my interest in the computing field and that’s why I have no idea that what is this?

Whereas, I tried to know about this issue and to solve it by using Google but I got no luck and even I came to know, many other folks were also looking for related types of issues to be solved. I tried exactly for an emulator… Hoping that there would be a lot of them but then again occurred to me that I can just write an emulator for Windows 95 if I wanted one. But cannot think of a good reason for that so, I didn't.

Now, I have not got more energy or mind to tackle with this issue and I want someone to suggest me about the solution of this typical issue.

So, I want to know How to decompress the data of Win 95 disk drive?

I am waiting for your opinion dear. Thanks

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How to decompress the data of Win 95 disk drive?

  • Compressed files that have been compressed using Windows 95 can be very tricky to decompress in order to access the information. Unfortunately, the more current Windows versions including 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 do not have the ability to directly decompress this information. Although it may not be completely simple, there are several programs that allow for decompression and conversion of these files to make them useful again.


  • Perhaps the simplest way to access compressed files is to use a system that is running the Windows 95 operating system.  This operating system should recognize any file types that it is able to compress to without additional software being necessary.


  • In addition to a Windows 95 operating PC, there are several software programs that allow decompression of files for use. One such program that is compatible with Windows 95 as well as newer platforms is Powerzip. The Powerzip program allows you to access ZIP, CAB, ACE, RAR, JAR, TAR, GZ and Z files. This program also allows archiving of decompressed files in order to send to someone who does not have a zip/unzip program.


  • WinRAR is another program that allows the user to access RAR file types that have been compressed using the Windows 95 platform. RAR files are similar to standard ZIP files, but compress data from 8% to 20% more than a standard ZIP. These compressed files can also be decompressed and archived to pass on to someone who does not have the ability to decompress the data on their own.


  • Krutch is an online program that is available and boasts the ability to compress or decompress any file type into a usable file type for the user. Although the typical ZIP and RAR files are the most common, the site does have the ability to unlock as many files as have come its way so far.


  • For a more basic computer user the Windows 95 compatible UnZip Wizard may be just right. This program handles zipping and unzipping of files to make them accessible and boasts one of the simplest interfaces in existence. This easy to use program may be just the answer for users who are new to the world of computers or simply do not have any assistance with their technologic issues.


  • If you are having issues decompressing data with the programs and accessories at your disposal, it is possible that the files are damaged or corrupted. Often these issues will not be picked up by virus scans is the scan skips over the compressed data viewing it as one file rather than an archive.


  • Luckily, there is a way to overcome these damage and corruption issues. Advanced Zip Repair is an advanced user program that can repair ZIP’s and all known ZIP subfolder styles. This program also works on self-extracting files just in case you are the recipient of a self-extractor that has a corrupt file or section.


  • All in all, there are many ways to decompress this data and many programs that are still available and usable on Windows 95 compressed data. Again, the simplest way is to run Windows 95 and let the operating system pick up the files and decompress them. If you cannot do that, ensure that there are no corrupted files, and take your pick of the options above to access your data quickly and easily.

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