MS Word 2007 Table Issue

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I am facing an issue in MS word tables. When I open the file in MS word 2003,

I am able to see the table structure.

But the same is not visible when I open it in MS word 2007.

Please help me.

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MS Word 2007 Table Issue


That is because you created the tables using a different and older version of Microsoft Word and then you tried opening the file using another different and much newer version of Microsoft Word. So basically, the document’s formatting and tags are really different because they are of different versions. It is possible that this is the reason why you can’t properly view the tables you created under Microsoft Word 2003 on Microsoft Word 2007.

I don’t know if this will work but you can try it.

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2007.
  2. Click the Office button then select Open.
  3. Select your Microsoft Word 2003 document, click on the drop-down button beside Open then select Open and Repair. See what happens next.


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MS Word 2007 Table Issue



Hope this can help.

In opening a file/document in Microsoft Office Word 2007 that was made in an earlier version such as MS word 2003, you will see “compatibility mode” in the title bar of the document window, it means that the compatibility mode is on. This guarantees that while you have the document open and while you are working on it, new and enhanced features of MS Word 2007 will not be available and you will have full access when it comes to editing the document.

You will have two options, you can either choose to work in compatibility mode or if you want the document to look as if it was created in MS Word 2007, you can use Word Convert command, this will clear the compatibility options and you will have full access of the new features of MS Word 2007, but there might be some slight difficulty in editing certain parts of the document.

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