How can I set Macro in MS Word?

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Hi Experts!

I want to learn more about creating Macros using MS-Word 2003. And also how can I run it afterwards? Please send me detailed instructions.

Thanks a lot.

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How can I set Macro in MS Word?


Your question was confusing but if you are referring to on how to enable macro in Microsoft Word, just open your Microsoft Word go to Tools then Option, a window will appear then choose the Security tab.

Security Options

Then click Macro Security at the Boot.

Options Security Level

Then you can see from the option for how you will enable your macro. Then Click Ok.

In another place, if you are referring to how to create macros in Microsoft Word. Just go to Tools then click Macros then click Visual Basic Editor or just simply press on keyboard Alt + F11. You can create also macro by recording.

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How can I set Macro in MS Word?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

To set macros in Microsoft word, you first have tom gain access to the Visual Basic Application Editor, popularly known as the VBA editor.

To access the macros access_dialog box, just press ALT + F11 key combination on your keyboard, or you can use the long way which is clicking on the tools menu of your word document when it is opened, then select the macro and thereafter click on macros (this is if you are using ms word 2003). If you are using ms word 2007 or 2010, then go to view in the ms word menu and then click on macros, click on view macros, a dialog box will show up next, on it click on create macros.

To set macros in Microsoft word

You can now create your macro in the blank editing field and when you are done, save it as a module so that next time it will be easier to locate it.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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How can I set Macro in MS Word?


A macro is a shortcut to something you do a lot. You can create a macro by using the macro recorder to record a sequence of actions or by entering Visual Basic for Applications code in the Visual Basic Editor to create a macro from scratch. To create a macro, select Tools > Macro > Macros. 

In the Macro Name box, type in the name of the macro to create. The Microsoft Visual Basic window will open and the newly created macro will appear at the bottom list. Copy and paste the following line in the blank line directly above End Sub: Shell "C:Program FilesTranscription GalaxyDlistdlist.exe -wd", vbNormalFocus

Click Save and Exit. To verify that the Macro works, select Tools > Macro > Macros. Select the macro from the list and click Run. The program should then open. Once the macro is set up, it is encouraged that you create a shortcut key.

Watch this video for a tutorial on how you can download and install JitBit Macro Recorder:

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How can I set Macro in MS Word?


Please open the Ms word documents and go to view option in the menu bar then there you be find macro.

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