The mouse and keyboard are not functioning well

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I have a newly repaired PC.

When I first use it after the repair, the mouse and the keyboard was doing fine. 

After a few hours, the keyboard was down so I used the on-screen keyboard which is kind challenging.

Then after few more minutes the mouse became down as well.

Both of then are not working. 

So what I did is I tried to put it on other CPU and it's working well. 

What could be the problem in CPU? 

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The mouse and keyboard are not functioning well


I commonly experience this kind of problem when I'm using a USB type of mouse and keyboard.

Sometimes it just suddenly won't work, and I think there is a problem with my USB port.

Just in case check these solutions below.

USB Mouse and Keyboard:

1. When it stops, start by unplugging you device the plug it back.

2. Try uninstalling the driver also and put it back in. You can do this in the Device Manager.

3. If you will hear a sound in your CPU when you plug it then it means there is no problem with it but rather lose if not then the USB port is the problem.

PS2 Mouse and Keyboard (the traditional Green and Violet socket):

1. When it stops, unplug and plug it back, then restart your computer.

2. If nothing works then you have a problem with your port.

Note: Try buying converters depending on your keyboard and mouse PS2 to USB or USB to PS2 then try it on other socket corresponding to the other end of the converter.

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The mouse and keyboard are not functioning well


You told that you repaired computer, may i Know what kind of repairation you did? Is motherboard repaired?

keyboard and mouse is not detecting on your computer, it means that I/O controller of computer have some problem. Check it or repair it. If you have PS/2 Input Devices (Keyboard, Mouse), then check the PS/2 Ports, clean them and try again.

You must try to plug in the USB devices (USB Keyboard and USB Mouse), check whether computer detects them or not. I/O Controller has the information to control the input / output devices. If problem exists then repair I/O unit (I/o Controller).

In USB port, plug in Flash Drive and check whether operating system detects it or not? if it is detected then plug in USB mouse and USB Keyboard and make a conclusion. its hardware problem that your computer is facing.

Problem is not in CPU, Problem is in your system Unit. CPU ( Central Processing Unit) is also called processor, while system unit is called PC.

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