Is wireless mouse from radiation?

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I have two kids, and they play around 2-5 hrs in a computer.

I want to know if a wireless mouse is safe from any kind of radiation or others that can affect my children.

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Is wireless mouse from radiation?


There are actually two kinds of how a wireless mouse transmits, infrared and Bluetooth.

If you are worried about optical radiation (radiation to the eyes), infrared is typically safe. It is unlike UV ray that can alter the biological cell structure, but infrared is more of the heat which is caused by its long wavelength.

When it comes to computer devices such as computer mice or keyboards, it is generally safe as long as it follows the "one meter" rule where the eyes will be safe with a meter or more than a meter away contact with infrared. Of course, not to worry about it because its safety is very much assured as it is basically designed for equipment that we usually use.

As for Bluetooth, it is also safe. It uses microwaves (yes, the wave that is also used in your microwaves) thus too much usage of Bluetooth can also induce heat. But it is very uncommon for these carrier waves be hazardous. Infrared and Bluetooth is actually very safe as the emission of radiation is much too little to cause any such adverse effects.

But a little time to get away from the computer is considered good too. Hope this helps!

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Is wireless mouse from radiation?



It is a good question especially for children it is better to avoid using computer 2-5 hours, it can cause side effects by operating, such kind of devices. Especially like wireless mouse or any kind of cordless devices. Children they need healthy building, which is largely devoid of adverse environmental stresses.

There is no safety level of microwave radiation for children. WiFi-WLAN Pulsed radiation which can be up to three more powerful than a wire code. But it is easier than a wire device, it helps us to move anywhere, even in the bedroom or in the kitchen, It is impossible to stop these kind of devices now the world, has improved more and more by technology.

But there are things concerning the security measures people don't know about, thus putting themselves in danger.

First get rid of using wireless devices all wireless technology emits RF.

wireless technology

Not only the side effects to the human body. It can be a problem with your computer. It is not a long lasting usable product. It affects your machine. To which no other modern computing devices use the wireless mouse determine what potential there have been some RF.

modern computing devices

It is better to avoid wireless code specially for children.

Thank you.

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Is wireless mouse from radiation?


Wireless mice – whether they use Bluetooth or proprietary radio frequency technology, emit very little radiation.

When you're sitting in your home office, you're also getting minute doses of radiation from the computer screen and the wireless router,
So what's a little more from the wireless mouse or keyboard.

Some of the radiation has long term risks (like cancer, cardiovascular problems, infertility) and other symptoms that come on over a short period (like headaches, rashes, nausea, dizziness and problems with cognitive skills).

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