Mobile Networking Wizard Error (Sony Ericsson)

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When I try to connect to internet i.e. GPRS to my PC by using mobile networking wizard facility available from
'Sony Ericson PC Suite'. 
See the uploaded image below for the proof of the error code 720.
Mobile Networking wizard
(720) A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network settings for this connection.
Please help me from this,
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Mobile Networking Wizard Error (Sony Ericsson)



This error can occur if you have not configured your Dial-up Networking settings to use a protocol supported by the ISP or system you are calling. Check the Server Types tab of your Dial-up Connection. Most of the ISPs use TCP/IP, so no other should be checked like NetBUI should not be checked.

Check your Network settings thoroughly there is something wrong with your networking settings. 



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Mobile Networking Wizard Error (Sony Ericsson)


Hello Harvey,

Error 20 usually occurs when there an error with network protocols and most likely you would need to contact your internet service provider for further resolution.

You may also click on this: which will remove network drivers but will it back automatically and reboots your device/unit and restore everything perfectly.

However, with the issue you posted, is this the first time that you are trying to use this mobile networking wizard on your device?

If so, let us make sure everything was synchronized and setup as they were supposed to.

You need to be subscribed to MMS, GPRS or 3G service and if not, you would need to call your network provider for instructions on how to set it up from for phone. You also need to have the synchronization software which is usually saved on a CD for most brand new Sony Phones.

Now here are the steps to connect to the internet:

1.Activate your GPRS/MMS/3G and install your synchronization software to your computer.

2.Grab the USB cable and connect your phone to your computer. You can set it to phone mode so you can still use it if needed even if process not yet done.

3.Snynchronize your phone to your computer using the Sony Ericson PC Suite.

4.Select Mobile Networking Wizard and click Connect.

This should resolve the issue.

You may also try to Uninstall TCP/IP protocol. Double click on Network and Dial-up Connections. Right click and select LAN then properties. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then Uninstall. Follow the instructions and restart computer if you see that message but say NO if it tells you that Windows will enable protocol. Go to my computer>properties>Hardware tab>Device Manager>View>Show hidden Devices> Reinstall the TCP/IP protocol from control panel> Network and Dial-up Connections>Right click LAN>Properties>Install> Select Network Component Type>Protocol>Add> Network Protocol> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)>Ok>Once installed, Close.

Once all above steps are done, reset modem by powering it on and off and reboot computer.

I hope this helps.



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