Question regarding installation of internet

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Hello there!
I have a question regarding installation of internet.
I will move to a new house in a few weeks and I want my computers to be connected to the Internet without having to use a router.
I was wondering if DSL is a better option for me.
I also want every room in the house to have Internet access should I have DSL installed and I need to know if I have to pay extra if to make that possible.
What I am aware of is that I need to pay extra should I have the Internet accessible through a router and I am hoping that having DSL would avoid me of this problem.
Also, can you give suggestions on where I could look for reliable DSL connections including the cables and modems I could use?
Thank you very much…

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Question regarding installation of internet



I have some suggestion regarding your question as i read and i hope it will work and help you. Regarding connection without using DSL i suggest that you must use following:

  1. 1st, using BROADBAND you don't need to have any wire to be connected and also this is plug and play but take note using of BROADBAND you can use only for your self and on you own.
  2. 2nd, If you want every room of your house have internet access you can use WI-FI because wi-fi is a multi internet access provider no need also to use router but take note you must also consider if your area have a good signal for wi-fi because if not your connection will be interrupted.
  3. 3rd, if the above as i give and not work for you the only thing that you can use is DSL and with the use also of router because without the use of router you cannot give internet access in every room of your house.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: you can also contact your ISP internet provider if what service they have to help you also in your problem.

TAKE NOTE: BROADBAND and WI-FI are defending in signal. So poor signal you cant use the internet properly and the only choices will be the DSL and with the use of router.

I hope it will help and answer your question. 

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