Please, I need your help

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Hi Guys.

I need your help and I'm not sure if this is the right category or I should go to hardware. You see, I have this 1GB home network, setup with router, switches and NICs. So far, my fastest data transfer to another computer was at 60megabytes per second and it occurred only quite quickly.

Rough estimate would be at about 480-600Mbit/s.

Do I need faster and bigger hard drives for this? Or is RAID a solution? Honestly, I have no idea yet about RAID though. Or are there any other options I should try out? From what I know regarding the laws of the IT world, 1000Mbit/s = 128megabytes per second.

A little give and take should result in about 100megabytes per second. This should be the writing speed that I'm looking for.

Any ideas out there?

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Please, I need your help


Dear Betty,

You do have the right info on the conversion estimates. And yes, in theory that is how it should be. But unless you are on optical fiber, that kind of speed is unattainable even though your connection should technically get there. Truth is, it can't.
The speed that you're getting currently i.e. 60 megabytes per second is actually very good.

If you go wireless, it will decrease slightly.

So unless you sign up for the new Google fiber
Check it out here
You are currently getting top notch speed possible.


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