Missing Space On 2 TB Drive?

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I set up a external 2TB Seagate hard drive for back up and over flow storage. After setting it up I checked the drive size and it is reporting 120G. How could I have lost all that space with out anything installed on it? Is this a partition problem or a bad drive?

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Missing Space On 2 TB Drive?

Hi Lloyd S Lebron

to determine if it’s a bad partition of a bad hard drive you must first assist you portable hard DRIVE

Seagate provides software to check the status in their product. Use your product model and search in Google. To determine what type of software you're going to need. After you have downloaded the software there you can check if your drives are good or factory defects.

Now i see that not only you have the same problem checking online there’s a lot like you. The best way on resolving this issue is the following

1.       Go to your control panel and open system and security.

2.       Turn off or adjust your system security to get the lost space of your hard drive. 


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