Damage to the hard drive

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Beginning of 2010, I bought a computer hard drive.


Brand: Seagate

Capacity: 320 GB After a few months of use, the hard drive is still in good condition.


When I wanted to clean up my computer I decided to dismantle the hard drive. While I was disassembling the hard drive, suddenly, there was smoke coming from the bottom of the hard drive. I am very confused because I do not understand how to repair electronic items, including the hard drive.

Can anyone please give me a solution?

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Damage to the hard drive


Hi my friend,

There is no other way that you can resolve this kind of issue. You need to replace the damaged hard drive and change it to a new one.

Thank you my friend. Hope it helps.



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Damage to the hard drive


Hi Pal! I have a strong feeling that the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of your Hard Drive could pose some issues. If you in any way haven’t unscrewed and exposed the disk platters inside the hard drive, your files could still be recoverable as long as you could get another PCB of the same hard drive, possibly a dead hard drive and replace it carefully on your Hard drive.

The other alternative (although with minimal chances of getting it done) is to carefully check what parts of the PCB that have burned/damaged and have an expert carefully replace them from an old PCB. The reason why there are minimal chances is because some of the components that might burn on the PCB are too small to see their specifications and sometimes not even sold in shops as spares. But if carefully replaced from an old PCB, things will surely get back to normal. RegardsPrinted Circuit Board

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