Critical Error on my Hard Drive

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When I opened my desktop computer running a Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, the hard disk drive requested starts automatically, stating that I have errors in my hard drive. And it has error in my system tray that keeps popping each and every time I opened my desktop. The error stated:

Critical Error

Hard Drive Not Found. Missing Hard Drive.

I performed a de-fragmentation but it cannot fix all the errors. I opened the Drive C: and went to its properties and tools for error checking. I marked the two check disk options. Afterwards, results turned out that some or many of the spaces in my hard disk is unreadable and failed to fix. My hard drive does not respond to system command and failed to fix the bad sectors. The boot sector of the hard drive disk is damaged and it all failed to work. I opened the command prompt and run it as the administrator. I typed the command boot rec.exe to fix the Master Boot Record. But the command prompt did not recognize what I typed as an external or internal command. I've been very desperate to fix this problem, since the hard disk played an important role in every computer. 

Can someone help me? I don't have any recovery or installation disk with me. What action can I perform to fix the error? Thank you.

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Critical Error on my Hard Drive


Most probably, the controller of your hard drive is failing. You have to see what you've recently changed in your system. 

You can install a software to check your PC hard disk performance. Such program will tell you where the problem is located and thus, you can solve that problem. The software that I'm talking about is “PC-check ".

Check your BIOS and check if your hard disk is not set to IDE (Integrated development environment), then set it to RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). Give importance to your disk as first bootable device.

If you can access the hardware of the PC,  then you have to check the BUS of the hard drive. To do this, open the case of your laptop and check the cable connecting the hard disk to Motherboard. Also check the power cable.

It will solve your problem.

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Critical Error on my Hard Drive



I have a few hints:

Your computer managed to boot from your operating system and reached through your desktop with an access of your C: drive without a hard drive being detected. Always remember that it is impossible for a computer to start without a hard drive. The hard drive is where your operating system is stored like the partitions such as C:. If there is no hard drive detected then, it should immediately display an error message in a black screen not in the windows/desktop.

To summarize this, your computer has been infected by a Malware. This error message is fake and this infection is trying to prevent launching legitimate programs of Windows that is related to fix this error, such as check disk or any windows utilities. And what about the de-fragmentation you have mentioned? Did you access it to the drives' properties and tools to perform the de-fragmentation? Or was it a software that suddenly appeared in your monitor? If it suddenly appeared, then it was another Malware.

I would recommend you to download Anti spyware and Anti Malware programs. Most of them are free to download. Have these software scan your computer and remove the infestation in your system. I would recommend you to use Avast Internet Security.

Good luck.

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Critical Error on my Hard Drive


I took out the hard disk and tried it  with another computer. The problem still appeared. I have came to an idea that my hard disk could have been damaged. I went to a technician to find out. And I was correct. So I bought a new one and replaced it. This problem is already fixed.

Thank you for all your help, Experts!

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