Microsoft Dynamics GP stopped because of duplicate key value

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Hi there,

While installing Analytical Accounting in the middle of the process two errors stopped the install wizard. I tried to run the install twice and also downloaded again but still. I don’t know if is a problem with my laptop or with the software. Can anyone help me to install it properly? Also, I am curious why I have this kind of error? Regards!

Microsoft Dynamics GP

[Microsoft][SQL] Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo .AAG20000’ with unique index ‘AK2AAG20000’. The duplicate key value is (4, 0, APV-0000000 154281, ,0).

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Microsoft Dynamics GP stopped because of duplicate key value


I think the problem with your Analytical Accounting is not with the installation proper but in the activation process of the software where somehow a conflict maybe from the system has arisen. I suspect the problem might be caused by incompatibility. Since you did not mention the version you are using, I’m just guessing here the possible version you are using.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, for the client, you should be running Windows Vista [Ultimate or Business] Service Pack 2 and higher or Windows 7 [Professional or Ultimate]. For the server, you should have Microsoft SQL Server 2008 [Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, or Express] Service Pack 1 or higher, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 [Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, or Express], or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 [Enterprise, Standard, or Express].

If you are on the part of activating the program when the error happened, try removing the AA module and then reinstall it. Next, run the GP Utilities and finally run the following script:

  • delete SY00800 where BCHSOURC = 'aaWizardInstall'

To learn how to run the script correctly, visit Login Denied Error.

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