Value does not fall within the expected range

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Tech Experts,

I’m bit frustrated to receive the above error. I’m trying to open a site through IIS.

The website has more bindings, and I think this might be the cause for the error.

I tried splitting it and tried opening the website. Unfortunately, I’m still receiving the same error.

Some one suggested me to check if there is any weird characters are included in the source.

It didn’t help.

Please suggest something else.


Value does not fall within the expected range.



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Value does not fall within the expected range


You can receive the solution from Central Administration > Application Management > Reporting Services (section header) > Set Server Defaults. 

This tool is only meant to fix the error when you receive it from this location..

To resolve that issue you will need to either delete and re-deploy your reports, change the public URL of the site back to what it was when you deployed the reports or access the SharePoint site using the same URL you used when you.

This is due to the one WFE that has the Central Administration role and the server that currently has that role is not the first one in the list of Central Admin servers, and when you have moved the Central Administration URL (different port etc) after it was created.

So the solution is given only one server in the farm the Central Administration role rather than multiple. This alone may not resolve the issue since the Central Administration URL might not be removed correctly from the SharePoint database object. Then use the tool attached to this blog post.

The instructions on how to use it are included in the .zip file is available in this link

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