Microsoft IIS Web Server

Microsoft IIS Web Server

Since I upgraded my windows, I am having trouble navigating and finding old tools and utilities. Can I switch to server 2012 classic start menu?

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My system is having some problems since the last update. I want to learn how to do a server 2008 system restore on my own, step-by-step.

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Hi, I have a windows 2010 desktop computer. I want to know how I can get a windows server 2008 r2 iso? Also please explain what are the system requirements

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I am new to this computer stuff, I just bought a windows laptop and it has windows server 2008 R2. Can someone tell me what I should know about server 2008 r2 end of life?

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I am worried about the server 2008 end of life. Please explain how it’s possible for me to make the best of this end of life situation?

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I have set up a heat map in windows high performance computing to show 3 statistics in every given box. Whenever the servers are using a lot of the memory, I open HPC and the heat map is turned back to the default state. Why is that? In addition, when I close it, it takes a lot of time to open again. Why? Please help.

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Hello Experts,

The Microsoft Visual Studio installation went pretty well and good without any problem. However, the real problem triggered when I try to specify the Web server that Visual Studio uses to run. How do I rectify this error? Did I make anything wrong while installing IIS? Please guide to fix the error. Thanks in advance.


Microsoft Visual Studio

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I had to reinstall WSUS again in a production environment where ConfigMgr 2012 is also installed. I proceeded as follows: I uninstalled WSUS without the log files, database and updates. I reinstalled WSUS with KB2720211 and KB2734608 updates. Then I rebooted the server and started synchronizing software updates. But now I am not able to connect to the WSUS database. Instead an error message saying that the existing database is not compatible with the windows server updates was displayed. Where have I gone wrong? What could be causing the issue? Please help. I am waiting for your valuable suggestions on this issue. Thank you.

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I am planning to have a remote Microsoft Windows server administration and Windows Server support services towards my office server. How far will it help me, rather than that of an on-site provider for Windows Server support services. Please guide me about the merits and demerits of on-site and online services for Server.


Luz M Terry

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Hi! While I am with the installation of the Vault Professional 2012 (Server) using my laptop, I unluckily come across with an error as shown in the picture below:


Autodesk Vault Professional 2012(Server)

Error 29001. Vault management error: IIS 7.0 Detailed Error –

500.19 – Internal Server Error


What is the vault management error or internal server error in the Server edition of the Autodesk Vault Professional 2012?

What will I do to overcome this?

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