Locks frequently as we power on at the boot screen itself

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We recently got a HP Compaq 6715 from a friend it locks frequently as we power on at the boot screen itself. ( Shows the HP logo press f9 for Boot menu, F10 for Rom based Setup, F12 for Network Service Boot ) but after pressing any key it hangs. I have tried swapping the memory, doing a hard reset, resting the bios. Tell me how this problem can be fixed? 

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Locks frequently as we power on at the boot screen itself



Compaq HP had lost its some existing windows operating files. You need to repair it.

You should press F10 for Rom based setup then press repair and get going password change to enter your system. if it does not work, you have to install screen BIOS set up file from your Motherboard disk that is required its system requirements. There you find desktop folder and screen BIOS exe file.

Proper install can solve your problem on staying screen. This is the final solution to you that you can try to re install Windows software for attempting above. Hope you understand.

Thanks Woodrow

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Locks frequently as we power on at the boot screen itself


Hello Woodrow,

Most of the times, this can be cleared by resetting the BIOS password XXXXX. But sometimes, like in your case, resetting BIOS does not help. Reason behind that, is the security chip installed on motherboard. 
Alternative solutions like backdoor passwords, jumper settings are of no use at all. 
I suggest you try this method to clear CMOS. Use F10 setup to clear CMOS
  1. Access Computer Setup (F10 Setup) by pressing the F10 key 
  2. Select File! Set Defaults and Exit.
All passwords should be cleared when CMOS is reset.
Or try following these steps.
  1. Unplug the AC and take off the main battery. 
  2. Disconnect the 'Real Time Clock' battery for about half an hour.
  3. While the batteries are still off, plug in the AC adapter. The machine should boot automatically now, or use the power button. 
  4. The machine will boot. And will display the 162-error-msg "system options not set". Press F1 to store the settings.
  5. Shut the machine down and disconnect the AC power. 
  6. Connect the RTC-battery which was removed.
  7. Install the battery pack. 
  8. Reboot the machine.
Hope this will help you

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