Mobile drive access for booting and installing operation system

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I want to use my mobile HDD which will be used as primary booting device. I also want to install windows operating system in that device.

Is there anybody who can help me to do the job? Is it possible? Is there any additional hardware required? 

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Mobile drive access for booting and installing operation system


Hello Stuart,

You can use your Mobile HDD as a primary Boot Device and you can install OS.  For this you need to change settings in BIOS.

Get into BIOS and you will find the "Boot devices priority". This name also changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. But by having a look through all the setup screen we can easily figure it out.

Now Enter the Boot Device Priority and make your Mobile HDD as Primary and Remaining as Secondary. And its Done. Now you can use your Mobile HDD as a Primary Booting Device.

For your reference, I have attached pictures of  1) BIOS screen for Intel processor 2) BOOT tab of Intel BIOS.

Note: There are a wide variety of motherboard and BIOS manufacturers. So there are numerous ways to enter the BIOS Setup.  For entering the BIOS setup the most common keys are DEL, F2, F8 etc.

If you are doing this for the first time, be cautious, Because if you set  wrong options, it may cause your system to become unstable or sometimes your system might not even boot.  If this happens, don't panic… Still  you can get  into  BIOS.  Most of the BIOS have a choice to setup the default settings which are the optimal settings for that particular Motherboard. You can choose that option and you can be back.

All the Best.



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