Can someone help me check the IP address on a Windows 7?

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Last night, I was surfing the internet on my laptop but when I woke up this morning, I could not connect to the internet. I am using the main computer as we speak. I called my friend and he told me to check the IP address first. I think he's busy, he hangs up immediately. I didn't get what he meant. Can someone help me check the IP address on a Win7?

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Can someone help me check the IP address on a Windows 7?


Dear friend

First of all please check your Internet connection whether it's working or not. Did you change your IP settings in the night. You can simply check your IP setting by using dos command, go to run and type cmd and hit enter, if you are running win 7 type cmd in the search box and hit enter. The command prompt will open

Please type ipconfig /all to see your computer IP address and everything. You can see IP settings of your computer from this very easily. And try to remember whether you changed windows firewall or virus guard firewall or virus guard setting relevant to the internet access. It's possible to block all the incoming and outgoing traffic from a virus guard, from windows firewall

if you need to configure IP address manually please reply to this post and i will help you to do it.

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Can someone help me check the IP address on a Windows 7?


There are 2 ways to check IP address on Windows 7. Both ways will give you details whether your computer gets a valid IP address or not. Whether it'll give you Internet service with the current status of your network.

When using a wired connection, best advised before checking IP address is to perform sequenced power cycle. Check all cables attached from modem, router and to your computer. Once everything are all secured then you can proceed to the next step.

To check IP address, you can do the command prompt window.

Go to start, then type cmd in the search field and press enter.

In the command screen, type ipconfig/all in the blinking cursor then press enter.

Look for IPv4 Address – should display in this format, 192.168… Or 74.254….

The other way to check IP Address is by clicking on the Local Area Network icon in the system tray.

Select Open Network and Sharing Center then Change Adapter Settings

Right click on Local Area Network and left click Status. Click on the Details button and it should display on IPv4 Address.

check IP address on Windows 7

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