Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00 Solved

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I have recently purchased a Lexmark printer, and I have observed that when I do not connect the printer to my system (PC or laptop), it gives me firmware error 900.00. What is the reason for this message?

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Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00 Solved


The error which you have mentioned occurs due to various reasons like hardware issues, adapter issues or software issues from the computer side. Since you have mentioned that it occurs only when you keep the printer idle for a long time, I will suggest you check your hardware using the steps below:

  • Turn off your currently ON printer and let it rest for a minute to clear its memory. You must always exercise this point even during regular operation of the printer.
  • While the printer is resting, open the queue of current jobs and clear all of them.
  • Now, supply power to the printer. Check for error. If it did, follow with the next step or try contacting Lexmark support. If it did not, use the printer operating panel, and try printing a menu settings page.
  • Turn off the supply to the printer disconnect all cables (Ethernet, and USB cable) leaving only the power cable connected.
  • If possible, supply power to the printer through a grounded wall outlet. Check if the error message appears again. If yes, then continue below. If no, then there is a problem with the power cable or extension cord. This error dialog box can be falsely triggered by UPS or surge protectors.
  • If the error message appears every time you supply power to the printer then I suspect a faulty piece of hardware in the printer. Try contacting Lexmark support for further help.


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Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00 Solved


In Lexmark printer, error “900” appears in different messages like the following:

  • 900
  • 900 RIP
  • Error: “900.00 Error”
  • 900 Firmware Error
  • Printer not responding
  • Error: “900.00 Service RIP Software”

If the printer is currently displaying without quotes “900 Firmware Error”, turn off the printer for about thirty seconds (30) or longer to clear its memory then turn it back on. Note: do not turn off and on the printer very quickly because it can cause power issue on the printer. While the printer is off, clear any pending print jobs on the computer or network.

This avoids any corrupted print jobs from being re-sent to the printer when it is turned on. See if this works. If the error no longer appears, try updating the firmware of your printer. Download one of the following firmware updates for Lexmark printers:

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