Performing Factory Reset For Fitbit Charge Hr Error

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How do I get rid of Fitbit charge hr error? Every single time when I put it for charging, I see an error. Will a factory reset help me?

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Performing Factory Reset For Fitbit Charge Hr Error


Hi, errors like these bare quite common and you may derive some help by performing a factory reset. There are various steps to perform one. You can also try restarting your Fitbit for initial troubleshooting. If that does not help, please consider a factory reset:

  • Take a charging cable and insert it to a USB port and the other end to a tracker.
  • Long press and hold the button for a few seconds and without releasing the button, remove the cable from the tracker. After doing so, wait for another 8 to 9 seconds.
  • Let go of the button, wait for one second and long press it again.
  • You will see “ALT” and a white screen flash. After this let go of the button.
  • Long press the button again. When you will feel the tracker vibrate, release the button and press it again.
  • You will now see “ERROR.” At this point, release the button and hold it down again.
  • At this point, you will see “ERASE”. Now release the button which will turn the fitbit OFF.
  • Now to turn it on, you can either long press the same button or connect charging cable to the tracker while the other end is connected to a USB port.
  • If your tracker displays “0.00,” the reset was successful.

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