Learn About Reader_sl.exe System Error In Brief.

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Hello all,

I am facing a reader_sl.exe system error on my device. I am using Windows 8 on my computer which is now showing this system error.

Is there any method to solve this out?

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Learn About Reader_sl.exe System Error In Brief.


The error you are experiencing is a quite common error and it has a very simple solution.

If it comes as soon as you start your device, then it is because of your applications which execute on startup.

To fix this, type “MSCONFIG.MSC” or just “MSFCONFIG”in the start menu and then open it. Now, in that boot tab,check if there is any application or program that you are not aware of or with the name like reader?

If yes, then uncheck it and click ok to don’t execute in start and you could also look at the location to see what is it.

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