IPad2 issues or problems? Why we should not buy a iPad

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Hi All,

IPad 2 issues or problems.

Before I buy one of these, I wanted to see if anyone had gone through issues or disadvantages that might stop me from buying one.  Can anyone suggest any reasons why we should not buy one.

Just to see if this helps me stop buying one of the lovely products of Apple. 🙂

Thank you


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IPad2 issues or problems? Why we should not buy a iPad


Hi Shukla,

Nothing is perfect, so also iPad 2 has some issues:

  • Problem with the display, it suffers from the blacklight bleeding, light leads around the edge, obvious when you want to view a dark image.
  • If you need a Retina display, unfortunately the iPad 2 sports the exact resolution as the original iPad.
  • some displays have discoloration, but usually it disappears in few days (it is caused by a glitch after manufacturing) 
  • the quality of the main camera of iPad 2 is not really so competitive to the cameras in other Smartphones.
  • sometimes may come a problem with staying connected on WiFi networks
  • Apple`s video chat is sometimes freezing up, need to be rebooted and after it is working well
  • 3G iPad has a microphone made of aluminum which does not provide so quality surrounded sound in it
  • if you are using your device for gaming, iPad 2 produces heat

However, I do not think it is so big issue to reconsider buying iPad 2 but maybe it would be useful to check the differences between iPad and iPad 2 and to think what would fit more to your needs.

Good luck!

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IPad2 issues or problems? Why we should not buy a iPad


There are many issues with iPad2 but the most important and major issue is that its camera is of very low quality. So, if you want to buy iPad2  for its camera then it is useless. The other basic defect in iPad2 is that there is a lot of difference in microphone sound quality which is very low.

There is also the WiFi issue, which is a major problem, if you want to use Internet on it. If you are looking for Retina display or any improvement in the clarity of the iPad screen; then you are wrong, there are no improvements in screen resolution of iPad2.  I would like to advice you to purchase an IPhone set as compared to iPad2.

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