Internet Explorer JavaScript Debugging Error

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I create one web page in this page some JavaScript code is available but when I try to debug this page then I receive below error I am using internet explorer 6.

When I receive this error then I remove internet explorer 6 and Install latest version of internet explorer but I can’t remove this error.

Error of detail is given below for your understating.

Webpage Error

Do you want to debug this webpage?

This webpage contains errors that might prevent it from displaying or working correctly.

If you are not testing this webpage, click No.

Do not show this message again

Use the built-in script debugger in Internet Explorer.

                                                                        Yes      No

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Internet Explorer JavaScript Debugging Error


Hi Deavytulandi,

Okay so you are trying to debug a webpage that you had created which have .js code. Is that correct. Have you tried checking the code for errors? Or does the web page actually work?

The error states that the webpage that you are trying to open has errors that prevent it from working/displaying properly. Have you tried clicking yes? What happened? Did you see your page according to your specification or there was error?

Please check everything on the webpage especially the js code. There might be something wrong with codes. Hope I got a glimpse of it so that I can help fixing it though.

Hope this helps.

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