Common causes for JavaScript errors

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Hello friends,

I’m having notifications saying “There are JavaScript errors on this page”.

What are the common causes of these errors? Does it have an effect on my system?

Please give your suggestions.

Thanks a lot.

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Common causes for JavaScript errors


Hi, the common causes of Java Script Errors are could be an error in the code or it could be a network issues or any other issues that may prevent the page to be fully downloaded or It also may be your browser that is being outdated version of one or more java script, HTML, or CSS file from it’s cache. To resolve this try to full reload the cache. To do this, hold the SHIFT key for Firefox or the CTRL key for IE.

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Common causes for JavaScript errors


If you visited a website and you receive errors related to JavaScript like “There are JavaScript errors on this page,” the problem is often related to your browser. I often receive this message when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and it only means that your web browser is not compatible or the website doesn’t support the browser you are using.

The web browser cannot execute the scripts running on the website that’s why it displays that message on your screen. To fix the problem, try updating your web browser to the latest and visit the site again. It should fix the problem.

If the problem continues, use a different browser to access the website like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Vivaldi, and the Opera browser.

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