Internal software error when I compile my fpga target vi.

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I got an internal software error When I compile my FPGA target vi. My software is a bit complicated, and it generates about 801KB of size file. I have tried 15 target-scoped FIFOs to send the data faster within target. 

Do you guys know how to recover this problem?

I am attaching a screen shot of the error:

Error : Code generation Error
Internal software error

An inter software error has occurred. Please contact National Instrument technical support at
Method name : <b> compile for target </b>

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Internal software error when I compile my fpga target vi.


If this is the first time you encounter this problem when coding something, try restarting your computer then try again. Maybe it’s only a fluke and nothing serious. Open your program again then restart your work. If when compiling the program it leads to this same kind of error again, try adjusting some of the values in your codes. Maybe the values in your program are too high for the compiler to accept. See the details of the error to help you identify what part of the program encountered an error.

You may also consider lowering down the current speed of the processor. Maybe your processor’s current speed is too fast for the processing of the program. Try lowering it down a little bit and then try again. You can also try setting your processor to compatibility mode which is good for slower programs but unfortunately, will make the booting of your operating system really slow.

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