HSMExpress 2012 shows error on launch

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Hi guys

I am using HSMExpress 2012 by HSMWorks. When I try to launch it, I get an error. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

An unexpected exception occurred!

You may be able to continue working, but you should save all changes and restart the application immediately to prevent loosing any work!

Type: class NullPointerException
Caught at: .hsmswHsmSwDocument.cpp:1203


I uninstalled HSMExpress and then reinstalled it but I got the same error. I then repaired SW and installed HSMExpress three times again. with I try it seemed as if the problem has been solved but as a few days pass, the same error returns on the screen.

If you have any idea why is this happening, please do let me know. I am really worried and frustrated.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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HSMExpress 2012 shows error on launch


    The error explains as unexpected exception occurred. In other words an un-handled exception occurred.

Such type of errors occur when the developer had left some issues unresolved. This is not really an error, as the software is running fine as it was told to display this error if something unexpected happens. This is the fault of the developer.

The possible reasons can be many,
1. For example the software counts the number of operations performed and this value gets greater than the expected hence it stops functioning.
2. There is a bug in the application.
3. The software version is not compatible with your OS.

Being a software engineer I know that this problem is not caused because of your fault or the PC.
So such problems cannot be solved by you unless it is a version problem or a bug in the software.

For solution,
1. Check the version of your OS.

2. Download a compatible version from another source and re-install it.
3. If that is not possible try downloading an updated version or an update and hope they had handled this exception and this time it works fine.

Hope you got your answer! 🙂

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HSMExpress 2012 shows error on launch


There might be a problem with invoking the instance of some method that has null object. It might be that the problem is with access or modify a particular field. It might be problem with obtaining the length of such object. This might be some of the problems. Generally these kind of problem with JVM might cause the system through Nullpointerexception. You need to check the JVM for these errors. I feel the solution to such problems lies in these issues and you need to look on these. 

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