ATDB0808:There is currently no valid connection

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Hi There,

I have been using Windows XP SP2 with 2GB of RAM and 40GB Free Hard drive space.

I installed AutoPLANT Isometric software two month ago and it has been working fine so far.

However today when I tried to access the same,

I get the error as shown below.

Database error

Database Error

ATDB0808; There is currently no valid connection established to the project, All requests to permanently save data will continue to be denied. We recommend you shut down this application and restart to correct this problem"

Please help!

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ATDB0808:There is currently no valid connection



The following are the possible solutions for your problem:

1. Check the registry on your computer as the connection of the project file seems to have been corrupted. Reset all the values in the registry.

2. As your RAM is low this may be causing a problem. You can increase your RAM to at least 4GB.

3. Try to increase the page memory on your computer by closing any applications that are running. When other applications are running they use the memory.

4. Also there is very less space on your hard disk. Try to clean up the files that you do not use. This will increase the space on your hard disk to save new files.

Hope this information helps you.



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