Installing printer in a network

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My home network group consists of a computer, laptop, and a router connected to a printer. I would like to connect the printer to the computer without installing any hardware/software. How can I make this possible?

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Installing printer in a network


Hi Friend.

Computer and printer connection is very simple work. you think you need experts advice. Well i have a short description about it.

1. Besides both accessories you can set up it. then Data-Cable you already have, plug in through CPU USB reader input output method. if cable will find the bar, you have the message on your screen and light up USB reader connection.

2. You should keep on your Printer power then. Printer will able to scan its natural figure. It takes few minutes and you should scan it first.

3. You then printer any of your documents from your computer by resize and color capacity arrange.

Thank you.

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Installing printer in a network


Since you have all the devices connected to a router, they are all on a local area network. What you will need to do is to make sure that the computers and the printer are connected to the network well with the cables, the IP addresses have been configured well too. You will need to make sure that you have set all the components on the network to be in the same workgroup.

Once you have checked the above you will do the following:

  • On the computer, go to start.
  • And then click on devices and printers.
  • A window will open; you will need to click on Add Printer.
  • Choose to search the printer connected to a local area network.
  • The printer will be listed and then you will save it.

You will need to do the same for the laptop.



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Installing printer in a network


Hello Therese Morales, I have read your issue about connecting your computer to a printer without installing any software. Are you using a wireless printer? The devices like printers will never work without the driver installed.

We have to install the software or hardware on every computer so we can use the printer. After the drivers are installed the printers on all the computers or laptops can start printing just synchronize the main computer where the printer is connected to the other devices. If you don't have the CD software or hardware try online to install. First, check the website of the printer manufacturer that you are using right now.

You have to choose the right driver and software from their website. The manufacturers’ normally offers free download for printers’ operating system. Download the software or hardware to your computer and it will be shown on your desktop. You can install your printer by double clicking the printer image from your desktop. You can now start printing.

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Installing printer in a network


Thank you, Cruise Berry. I thought it was very hard. I thought of calling a technical to setup my printer but I personally installed it, thanks for your help. 

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