How can I flourish my You Tube Channel?

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I have recently started my own You Tube Channel and I want it to be famous in a very little investment. I am on a budget and please suggest me on an average budget. How can I make my videos liked by the public? How to make myself a very popular youtuber? Also please suggest me about Google AdSense in relation to You Tube. Can I make money through YouTube by advertising products or there are any other ways?

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How can I flourish my You Tube Channel?


Hello William!

There are several ways that you can make your YouTube channel searchable to any surfers. Since you have already a channel with YouTube, we just need to jump in on how to make it searchable. Here’s how.

1.   Make it sure that you have more than 3 videos uploaded, if you don’t, your channel will not appear in YouTube.

2.   Make it sure that your privacy settings are configured to be viewable by anyone. To this go to Account >> select Uploaded Videos. Go to Edit open the Privacy Options and select Public. Save the changes for the videos. You need to do this for the rest of your videos.

3.   Relevant tags are very important. Adding searchable keywords with your video will be much easier for it to be discovered. To this this go to Account (upper right) >> Uploaded Videos >> Edit. Enter the keywords you want to use that you think that anyone would remember in searching even a kid. Click Save Changes.

To become a popular YouTuber your videos must be unique and one of a kind. There’s no exact Dummy instructions here. Better to capture real-time events, like accidents and phenomena. With that you’ll see your views will boost right away. Since you have YouTube channel now, creating a Google AdSense is not hard. Please be reminded that AdSense is very hard to please. They need not just 10-20 videos they need at least more than that. They need to measure also the views and check it. I believe they are requiring at least 6 months-age website or YouTube channel established. There are other alternatives for AdSense but most of their links for their ads are broken. You can try to launch your own website or channel but make it sure that you’re fully launched and doesn’t need any revision.

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