Load Balancing with two Internet Connection!!!!!

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I have two Internet connections and two LAN Cards in my Desktop PC. I just want to use one Internet connection for browsing and another Internet connection for Download and simultaneously. Is it possible?

If yes, then please help me out.


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Load Balancing with two Internet Connection!!!!!



yeah it is possible to use 2 different Internet connection simultaneously, say one for download and another for browsing. But you should have IP binding tool and two different network cards within your PC. You may need to slightly configure the binding tool per the network cards. Or else you may buy a load balancing software to do this. This software will instruct the PC to transfer and receive what data and through which service provider.

When searching for a binding tool I came across few tools,it is a sample site.

We do not assure you that this works as we have not tested this officially.

These kind of tools automatically manage the network connections to increase the speed of Internet.

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