Installing a 512 MB memory stick problem

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Good day !

Please guide me, I would like to inquire about this certain technical problem that I am currently having.

I own a media PC from HP center which runs a 2.8 GHZ Intel Pentium Dual core which a RAM of 1GB has contained in a particular module.

Then, I install it with a memory stick with 512 MB that has the similar specifications which are required by the PC. But the problem is, it still cannot recognize the memory.

I am very sure that I install it correctly and it was also able to turn it on so it can work out.

 I am really exhausted, why is the memory not recognizing by the PC?

Can somebody help me regarding this problem?

Thank you…

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Installing a 512 MB memory stick problem


Hello there!

Here are the reasons why your new memory is not recognized by your computer:

  1. Your new RAM is defective. Try removing the old RAM and place the new RAM instead. If your computer does not turn on, then it is for sure defective.

  2. Properly seat the new RAM. Check if it is fully seated. Remove it and reseat it again.

  3. Double check if you brought the correct type of RAM. If it is not compatible with your mobo and your old RAM, the computer will not be able to recognize it.

Good luck to you!

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Installing a 512 MB memory stick problem


Hello Dear,

It is so easy to dix this problem. First, check thoroughly to make sure your RAM has no problems.

If there is no damage to your RAM, remove all RAM from your computer and insert this 512 MB RAM, and run your PC. Then, change the RAM slot and restart your computer again. If your computer starts beeping, then your RAM is not okay, and you will need to replace it.

Sometimes, the RAM we buy becomes unresponsive, and in fact it is dead.

I hope this helps. Thanks.

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