Problem with sound card recognition

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I am using an AMD Athlon 3200, 1GB Ram, Realtek, Firefox 8.0 with a High Definition Audio Card.  Sad to note, however, that the said computer does not recognize the sound card. It seems that the sound card doesn’t exist at all in the said unit. Whenever I search the web, play some audio or video files, there is no audio output. I can’t hear anything even though my speakers are working well. I’ve already tried searching the solution in Google but I cannot find anything that works for me. It’s really very disappointing. I feel crazy about it. Please help me to solve this problem.  Thank you.

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Problem with sound card recognition



Hello there! If your computer does not recognize the sound card, you have to look for a compatible driver and install it. If you have a software disc with your sound card, you have to install it or your sound card will not work. If you do not have a disc or the disc does not contain the software to fix this, do the following solution:

  1. Check out the Windows Update if there is a driver available for your sound card. Install it if you found one.

  2. Confirm in the Device Manager that the computer does not recognized your sound card.

  3. Go to the Control Panel > Add Hardware then click Install drivers for older devices with Add Hardware wizard.   

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Problem with sound card recognition


Hallo Aaronn,

So you are saying that you installed a sound card and then the computer said the it did not recognize the sound card? If that is the case then you installed a wrong sound card that does not confer with the specifications of the computer that you are using.

Make sure that you check the system specifications of the computer, things like:

  • The processor being used.
  • The computer model

and then purchase a sound card that agrees with these specifications and install it.

This should help you solve the problem.


Lee Hung

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