Install Linux like a Windows application

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Is it possible for me to install Linux OS like a native Windows application on my PC? What utilities will I need to install Linux in this manner and will I always be able to shift to the Linux environment whenever I want?

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Install Linux like a Windows application


Hello Derick

It is a posiplty to install Linux on your window but first you need a base to hold the Linux on your OS (windows)

This base is called virtual PC 2007 after downloading this program, install it then you can run linux on your Windows.


Another way is to use a program called "Wubi" windows installer you can get it from here, Wubi is actually included in Ubuntu.

Restart your computer after the installing, and you will see two options on the startup chose Ubuntu and install your linux.

This is totally risk free.

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Install Linux like a Windows application


Hi Aditya,

Yes, of course it is possible. You can install Linux OS while having Windows OS simultaneously. The process is called Dual Boot. All you need is a Linux Distribution like Ubuntu and you will be able to install Linux OS in the computer. In addition, you can also easily switch from 2 different operating system that you prefer. You can manually choose either of the two operating system. 

To download the Linux distribution, please click the link: Ubuntu a Linux Distribution

To watch video tutorial, please see: Ubuntu and Windows 7 Dual Boot


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