How to upload the latest file to Google App Engine?

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While setting up a free proxy with Google, I made changes to my HTML File. How can I upload this latest version to Google App Engine? I tried clicking the Deploy button but in vain. Can you please help me?

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How to upload the latest file to Google App Engine?


Hi Adolfojeremiah,
The steps to upload the latest file on Google App engine are as mentioned below:
1) To start data upload, run the following command:
' upload_data – –filename=album_data.csv'
2) If the Google App domain name is being used, type to sign in using the account of the specific domain
3) To check the working of the data before uploading on the server, load the data in the development server
4) To upload the latest application files, use the following command: upload file_name
5) To upload the files in the app directory of the Google engine follow the command mentioned below: [options] update <app-directory>|<files>, where options value can be set to 'max_size', 'no_cookies', '-server'

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