Information On Wireless Point-to-Point Bridges.

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Hello everyone,

I am a student of B.Tech. I wanted to get information on Wireless Point-to-Point bridges and their uses.

What would be the best field to use them?

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Information On Wireless Point-to-Point Bridges.


Point-to-Point network topology, as the name suggests, is the topology adopted when a simple network between two points has to be set up. Wireless Point-to-Point bridges are used to connect two points at a short range of few hundred meters or long range of few miles. The bridges are set up two points through LOS (Line Of Sight).

Users operate them in radio frequencies or through optics of free space providing speed up to 10Gbps.

Fields like Telecom, Security, and Networking Applications have main use of Point-to-Point Networking Bridges.

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Information On Wireless Point-to-Point Bridges.


In Wi-Fi networking, a point-to-point wireless bridge allows users to connect two or more locations together wirelessly. This bridge enables users to share internet connection between two or more locations as well as share files and other types of data across the network. In Wi-Fi networking, the bridging mode allows communication between two or more wireless access points or APs designed to connect multiple local area networks or LANs.

A number of Wi-Fi bridging mode solutions are available with different functionality levels. There are wireless bridges that support only one point-to-point connection to another access point. But there are others that can support point-to-multipoint connections to various other APs.

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