Wireless Connection On and Off

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Having wireless network at home is an advantage, because of the connection sharing made possible by WiFi.

However, consistency is somewhat a question.

Connection may be good for weeks or even months but suddenly it just drops or no connection at all.

Is there anyway where consistency is maintained in this kind of service?

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Wireless Connection On and Off


Sorry but there is no guarantee of a consistent connection in a wireless network because in a wireless network all possible connections that are made solely rely on the signal that is being transmitted by the network. The stronger the signal is, the greater the connection’s stability you will get.

Like in a WiFi connection, your internet connection relies on the WiFi Hotspot. To be able to have a better internet connection you must be connecting within the WiFi Hotspot radius.

But if the WiFi Hotspot is turned off if it is owned by a private individual, of course, your internet connection will then be cut off. You can find free WiFi Hotspots in places like malls, universities, municipal buildings, restaurants, train stations, coffee shops, gas stations where connection is shared by the public.

Another example is the 3G mobile broadband USB modem. This looks like an ordinary USB flash drive that is inserted in a USB port but is actually a modem.

This type of mobile modem relies on GPRS/3G/WCDMA/HSDPA/EDGE signal to connect to the internet. It automatically transfers from one signal to another depending on the signal strength. And like any other wireless connection, sudden signal lose means lose of connection.

You can experience unpredictable lose of connectivity especially during bad weather.

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Wireless Connection On and Off


To try and see to it that you have consistent connectivity in your house, you need to make sure that you have enough wireless coverage in all areas where you expect to have a wireless connectivity.

You may still get disconnected at times, but the frequency in which this happens should be minimized.

If there are areas in your house wherein signal is low (1 bar), you may need to install a wireless access point in those areas so that you can connect to that access point instead. Another thing is to minimize interference.

Make sure your routers/access points are not close to wireless handsets or microwave sources.

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